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zaterdag - donderdag
28 sep - 19 dec

Prototyping a residency as a commons

9:00 - 17:00

To enter the residency the artist climbs the ramp of De Schuur.

By doing so he/she agrees to redefine his/hers state of being as a maintainer.

The maintainer is aware of the effects of slow apocalypse (social and environmental) and recognise it's cracks within the given community around De Schuur.

The maintener is not focused on output and producing results but rather on a small gesture and doing life. He/she stimulates vulnerable encounters and practices an extended citizenship. Instigating a small shift within a given territory, he/she opens her/himself to risk.

The protocol of the residency is an ongoing dialogue of re-inventing care and creating an alternative value system that is based on peer exchange.

The resources are not predetermined, fixed and scarce, but are emerging through open ended process of transactions and exchange.

This process of sustainability produces places as back doors with the possibility to leave, dissappear and re-appear again. Within this frame there is also place for adopting – the role of the maintainer can by taken over by others.

6 artists will enter the residency in the fall 2019. They will be coached by the sprinters

Here you can find a review on the research of this new residency formula at De Schuur, not as a service, but a protocol for sustainable livelihood. 

Timelab is enabler, coach and matchmaker.

9:00 - 17:00