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dinsdag - zaterdag
25 - 29 feb

[Sprint 2020] documenting commoning residencies

10:00 - 12:00

"To enter the residency at Timelab the artist climbs the ramp of De Schuur. By doing so he/she agrees to redefine his/hers state of being as a maintainer. ..."

That is how the prototyping phase of the 2019 artist residency started in the fall. 6 artist confronted themselves with the task to not produce, not act, but be. Together as a group, as an individual and stranger in the neighborhood. 

During the yearly sprint* of 2020 artists gather to collectively address the issue of 'documentation and communication' in commons and practical research of models of commoning looking back at 3 years of research on arts and commoning.

For this edition:

We position the residency at Timelab within the creative biotope framework described by Pascal Gielen domestic (respect, tradition/rituals, own time, intimicy and trust) and peer (evaluation, canon/knowledge, social time, negociation/discussion), market (competition, measure, money, trade/exchange) and cvil (representation, public value/cultural quality, embedded time, debate/arguments) spaces. These 4 spaces have different types of relationships, time and space. For market and civil spaces we can easily imagine art as an artwork or performance, but how does practical research in domestic and peer space look like? And even more important: how do you communicate, validate and document this practice? Through artistic research we want to create space for domestic and peer spaces and validate them as key elements in a balanced creative biotope.

In a 4 days gathering the residents 2019, together with the larger group of sprinters and invited observers will collectively work on strategies, tools and practices on the issue of documenting and communication. Facilitated by Rasa Alksnyte. 

*Every year, a sprint reflects on the past year of the organisation and defines questions and issues to be addressed in the future work. It is organised in a collective way by the group of affiliated artists. Besides the in-depth debates, participants to this Sprint sessions produce transferable knowledge and tools for Timelab and partner organisations dealing with the same issues on how to make our research and residency places more sustainable.

10:00 - 12:00